Who we are?

About Us

We are constantly faced with choices in our lives, even when buying a property for resale or investment, but the more important question is not where to buy , but with who to do this?

In no case we are not talking about criticizing other companies, because it would be an expression of bad manners, despair and uncertainty. We know that we have enough good and attractive offers that satisfy the most demanding clients.

So let us introduce you to our strengths, then leave you to enjoy our suggestions:

  • We will offer you a professional with experience in property sales
  • We have a complete set of documents for the properties that will Bid
  • The company has offices in other countries, which will help you in the future you wish to invest.
  • The company has a department that manages your property if you will be in need of rental
  • We will offer after-sales service
  • We will provide references from our previous customers


If in the process of choosing a real estate agency, revise our service list to assure that we provide full, complete and professional service upon a real estate purchase in Spain.Deja Vu offers its clients most of all objective and accurate information, confidence, peace and opportunity to obtain competent consultancy from the right expert when required.

24-hour access to large database of properties in Spain on our site and provision of useful information of real estate market development in Spain.

If operating as your agents in Spain, we will carefully select market offers matching your advance-set requirements and will timely communicate any results to you keeping personal communication by -mail, phone, fax and free newsletter.

We will arrange for your walking through the properties you may be interested in at any time convenient to you. At that time you will be accompanied by an experienced and qualified employee of ours to provide consultancy, interpretation and assistance when required.

We will negotiate with seller on your behalf and will have all future transaction details coordinated with you.

We will handle all transaction-related arrangements ranging from the preliminary contract through its settlement before a notary public, including taking up any subsequent accounting and tax arrangements.

We can arrange for an expert assessment to be drawn up by a licensed assessor featuring property condition prior to purchase transaction or prior to assigning any prospective development and construction works.

For owners of properties in Spain, interested in renting their premises, we can arrange for an evaluation of the tourist potential of the area and development a strategy for reconstruction in terms of utilizing the property for accommodation of tourists after purchase transaction.

We can take up organization and control of development, coordination and approval of designs, architectural and any other projects to the property you have chosen.

We can take up organization and control or full completion of construction and repair works and drawing up any supporting documents.

We can procure insurance to the property you have purchased with an insurance company at your choice.

We can take care of managing and keeping your property following purchase thereof as well as attend to its advertising and subsequent granting a lease thereof.

We can ensure provision of legal and accounting services to your company as regards its relations with public, municipal and tax authorities.