Finca in Andalucía approximately 2,500 ha of land

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Only 12 minutes drive from the best leisure of the Costa del Sol. Its proximity to the Natural Park of the Sierra de las Nieves where you can enjoy wonderful landscapes. Main house.- with cortijo style is composed of basement, ground floor and high with A constructed area of 1,104.71 m². And an area of occupation of the building on the estate Of 570,02 m². It also has a 72 m² pool. And garden area around it. Casa Capataz 1 and Casa Capataz 2.- House of two floors of height and a built surface Of 193,04 m². And annex housing two floors high and a constructed area of 113.62 m².

30,000,000 €
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Property description

CORK STICK One of the main sources of income that this farm has is the extraction of Cork from its cork oaks. FIGURES: The farm has emitted approximately 35,000 Quintals of cork in its Total capacity, which entails an approximate total income of 2,100,000 euros, Spread over the years and sacks established in its operating program. 2) NUTS AND WOOD OF WALNUT The estate has about 4500 walnut plantations, which offer not only a small Ecosystem but also a rich source of resources. The high value of the walnut, and what supposes the production of 4,500 walnut trees planted as Future investment . FIGURES: These walnuts can produce up to 18,000 kg of nuts per year. What you can Suppose an income of 30,000 euros for sale to department stores and up to 60,000 Euros in direct sale to the final customer . The price of the cubic meter of wood can be around 1,000 euros for the company Timber and 4,000 euros in the current market for the final customer. It is an investment Long term and an added value of the farm that increases every year . CINEGETIC RESOURCES One of the most valuable activities of this area of Andalusia is the hunting activity, A booming activity , and that gives the possibility, in a natural way thanks to its fauna of being privately exploited within this farm . The Finca at the moment has an approximate surface of 1,248 Ha destined to hunting activities. FIGURES: The hiring of the hunting activity of the estate can be valued between 50,000 and 70,000 euros during the hunting season . What can this type of income on an annual basis . Due to the possibility of carrying out both minor type hunting (Rabbit, partridge, etc.) and of major type (wild boar, roe deer, etc.) Planning and work done on the estate Since 1999, the date on which the Estate was acquired, Carrying out the following works and investments: Construction and rehabilitation of housing . Buildings for storage of tools and workshop . Constructions linked to the use of productive resources Agrarian of the estate . Constructions linked to intensive exploitation of cattle. Constructions linked to the livestock "Yeguada Moratán" of pure horse Spanish race . Buildings for poultry exploitation (Corrales and Palomar) Construction , maintenance and improvement of lanes and forest tracks . Construction , maintenance and opening of firewalls . Constructions and installations for the use of water resources . Construction of dams, wells, swamps. Irrigation network . Installation of electrical network and communications network . Fencing and farm shaking . Technical plan of management and grouping of farms . Forest fire prevention plan . Plan reforestation and cleaning of the mountain . Technical hunting plan . Agricultural production for the self-sufficiency of livestock (cereals and Pastures) . Plantation and agricultural production for self-consumption of vegetables and fruit trees (Oranges, mandarins, lemons, olives ...) However, you can enjoy the rural character of the Finca without having to give up the comforts offered by the urban centers. In this sense it should be noted that the farm is only 15 km (12 min) from Marbella and 40 km (35 min) from Malaga. This excellent location allows you to enjoy of the wide range of services and leisure offered by the municipalities of the Costa del Sol and The beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the international airport "Pablo Ruiz Picasso" and the high speed train station (AVE) "María Zambrano". The wealth of the farm is also determined largely by its position Geographical highlights the presence of wild boar, mountain goat, mouflon, roe deer, fox, rabbit, The partridge and all those species typical of the Mediterranean forest in this area .